Studying Abroad FAQs

Overseas studies

What requirements do I need to study abroad?

To successfully travel as a student, you must be of studying age (17 – 23 for undergraduates. 23 – 28 for postgraduates) and must have a necessary educational qualifications for the program you are applying to. E.G.: For an undergraduate course, you must have completed an Advanced Level or equivalent qualification. For a postgraduate course, you must have completed an undergraduate course the same field you are applying for

What do I need to study abroad?

When you contact us, a counsellor will be assigned to you and they will give you all the information you need to know and you will receive a document checklist listing down all the documents you need. You will need to prove you identity as your offer will be linked to your visa later on and you will need to send over the documents that your counsellors will ask from you.

How do I apply to study abroad?

nce our counsellors receive all the information they need, they will fill out the applications on your behalf and submit it to the universities for you.

Do I need to pay for my application process?

 Nope! All our service to students are free of charge. From the information session all the way until you get your visa

Can I go with my family?

 Of curse you can. We will be happy to help your family apply as dependents although certain restrictions may need to be discussed 1st
depending on the country you are applying to. We will be happy to discuss all this with you and your family.

Questions during application

When should I apply?

We recommend our students to apply at least 3-6 months before the course starts to ensure that you have plenty of time to get your offer, visa
and to get ready to travel.

Can I apply to many universities at once?

Yes, you can. We encourage our students to take advantage of our free services and apply to as many universities that you like as this will
 give you plenty of options to choose from.

Do I have to pay for my application if I’m applying to a none American university?

Much like our services, the universities that we represent do not charge students for sending applications. In fact the only payment you will
have to do to the university to confirm your offer will be after you receive the offer

How do I submit my documents?

You can always submit the physical documents to your counsellor to be scanned and returned to you OR you can scan the documents into a clear
A4 sized file and email it to your counsellor.

How do I submit my application?

 Your counsellor will fill up and submit the application on your behalf.

Questions during offer phase

How long do I have to wait for my offer?

The usual range of time that we have observed is from 1 day to 3 weeks. The time will differ according to the university and country.

How much do I pay for my deposit?

Usually the deposit will be 50% of the 1st semester fee. Your counsellor will be able to give you the exact amount as the price will differ
 according to the country.

How do I reply to my conditional offer?

Usually the conditional offer will ask for additional information or documents that maybe needed to complete you offer as well as the deposit
fee. We always recommend our students to fulfil the conditions first before paying the deposit to ensure a risk free process. Once the
info/docs are compiled you can send them to your counsellor to submit to the university.

Questions during visa phase

How do I apply for my visa?

Once you receive an unconditional offer letter, you will then be assigned a visa consultant that will take over the process for you. You
will be given the information regarding the country you will apply to and receive a new checklist. Once the needed information is given to the
 consultant, they will apply for the visa on your behalf.

What are my visa charges?

The charges include the application submission fee, medical check up fees and biometric fees. These fees will differ according to the country
you apply to. The visa consultant will give you entire breakdown.

What do I have to do to submit my application?

We will ensure that you have the full information regarding the visa application process and will make sure that everything is in order
 before submitting the visa.

How long do I have to wait for a reply from the embassy?

The usual range of time that we have observed is from 3 days and above depending on the visa type and current situation of the country you
apply for.

When can I leave the country?

 After receiving the visa, most embassies state that a student can enter their country almost 3 months before the start of the semester.