Australia has always been one of the most popular study destinations for students from all around the world. Now a days, many local universities and colleges affiliate themselves with Australian Education providers. So why do students still opt to travel all the way to seek higher education? The whole answer can be found compressed into 5 points:

1. Excellence in Education

Let’s face it; this is always the 1st thing you’ll hear about when it comes to studying in Australia. Not for nothing, but Australian education is now recognised as among the best and most innovative in the world. One of the things you’d hear about studying in Australia would be the benefits such as developing your skills and knowledge in your field of study whether it be an under graduate or postgraduate qualification.

Australia consists of many universities in the world’s top 100 universities and is known to be the home of some of the best research institutes on the planet. The degrees offered in Australia are recognized around the world so that students showing an Australian Qualification will not have to worry about not getting ahead in life, whether it be in further higher studies or even in employment.

2. Recognition

Speaking of being recognized around the world, it is true that an Australian qualification will take you far. Australian education is governed by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), which is a system that allows education providers, and employers familiar with it know exactly what your education level your qualification would fall under. 

3. Cost of living

One of the things a student looking to study in Australia needs to know is that the cost of studying abroad is not limited to the tuition fee.  When looking at the full cost, the amount needed to live for the duration of study is also a necessity that needs to be confirmed. Most universities reduce student costs in the form of scholarships. These will be merit based but the requirements are usually easy to meet.

This includes rent (bills included), meals, transport and other costs that a student will have to undergo. This is true for every country you plan to travel to; thankfully, Australia has taken all that into consideration and has made the cost of living lower than most major countries.

4. The Society

Australia is often called a safe, multicultural and friendly study destination. This is true especially considering Australia’s rich history involving welcoming people from all around the world. Australia has been brimming with a mix of culture and tradition different from its own for the longest time. This continues even today as many international students and overseas visitors add to the culture and diversity every day. The major universities here welcome international students, and provide programs and services that are tailored toward helping study abroad students make the most out of their educational experience.

Australia has been quite successful in ensuring student safety by maintaining a low crime rate. Australia has also maintained a high quality of life and has many cities on many lists ranking the best cities in the world.

In addition to the above, Australia is also a famous tourist destination with many locations to visit such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House,  many national parks & nature reserves, museums and art centers.

5. Employment after studying

Also known as getting the Post Study Work (PSW) Visa. This is perhaps the most asked about point for many students. The answer is yes! You can stay back after you finish studying and work full time for a limited period. This is especially great for students that want to make back some of the money spent while studying as students are allowed to only work part time while they study and so the incomes gained barely cover the expenses spent. International graduates of Australia get to stay back and work for as long as 3 years.  

These are the summarized reasons of studying in Australia. There are many more reasons that are detailed and you can learn about them by visiting Campus Direct and asking for the counselor for Australia for a free consultation on studying in Australia.

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    Please send the opportunities of studying and working in psychology field in Australia

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